The Mercane WideWheel - Absurdly fast but WEIGHT there's more!

The Mercane WideWheel - Absurdly fast but WEIGHT there's more!

I purchased the 2019 Mercane WideWheel (dual motor) from for $999 USD because it was the fastest scooter I could buy and I thought that would be a great idea! Man, was I wrong…


After riding the WideWheel for a week, I vowed never to buy a 22.5kg (50lb) scooter again. It turns out once you get into that weight category, it’s essentially impossible to carry this thing around or even maneuver it in small spaces. Living in the city and needing to lift the scooter up a curb every once in a while or up even a 2-3 stair set was such an absolute chore. This scooter inspired me to set a limit on the weight for scooters that would fit my needs riding in the city. I describe my new weight limit in my e-TWOW-GT review.


Yes, this thing screamed. It was incredibly fast. It has immense power for hills and the brakes are fantastic, which is essential for a scooter that can go this fast. Unfortunately the solid airless tires (even with the built in suspension) made it so I felt every bump in the road. I think the travel distance on these shocks is quite low, so that might play a part. Also, when I was riding over 40km/h (25mph), I felt a little unstable. For context, I have a motorcycle license and have experience riding motorcycles on highways well over 95km/hr (60mph) so it was surprising to feel timid hitting hitting quick speeds on this. I’m not sure what caused my feelings of instability but I’d bet that a pneumatic tire would help a ton with that feeling.


The WideWheel comes with a key that you have to have in the ignition to start the scooter, much like a Vespa or moped. In theory this sounds great but Vespas are around 135kg (300lb) and this is 22.5kg (50lb). It’s heavy but not too heavy for someone to easily steal. I felt a bit scared locking the WideWheel and just leaving it outside destinations. It felt like the key lock mechanism was a bit of a show and didn’t really help give me peace of mind so I needed to bring a U-lock with me anyway.


I will concede that this scooter might be the optimal scooter for someone out there. Maybe you live in an area where you are able to ride your scooter right into a garage and never have to fold it, move it, or lift it, and you can ride on smooth roads, keeping up with traffic at high speeds. In this case, maybe the WideWheel is the scooter for you! I know, however, that based on my usage patters in a city, commuting and riding around, this was too chunky, heavy, and unwieldy to provide a great experience. But as they say, to each their own!

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